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About Althea

Here are a few of
my favorite things

Favorite things


In autumn, when the first rays of sunlight strike a maple tree after a hard frost, the leaves tumble to the ground in a magical cascade of color.
Special moments like these are repeated throughout our lives and photos provide the pathway for us to go back in time and relive the briefest of moments – the way a tiny hand reached for us or a fleeting expression on a loved one's face.
My clients put their trust in me to capture those moments they might miss. It's not about pictures, but freezing memories in time that reflect their zest for life. I bring an easy sense of humor and gentle personality to set the tone for our time together during every session.
When a session is over clients often remark, "We've never had such fun getting our picture taken before!"
I'm looking forward to talking with you and learning how I can help you capture those special moments in your life.